Happy Star Wars Day!

Star Wars - Alec Guiness

Star Wars Day 2019

Today is Star Wars Day! Star Wars Day 2019

“May the fourth be with you” What started out as merely a comical pun warmly shared by fans across the nations has become a fully fledged Star Wars holiday: Star Wars Day! An annual celebration of the galaxy far, far away.

One of the earliest known records of “May the Fourth” used in pop culture dates back to 1979, as described by the author Alan Arnold whilst chronicling the making of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ for Lucasfilm:

“Margaret Thatcher has won the election and become Britain’s first woman prime minister. To celebrate their victory her party took a half page of advertising space in the London Evening News. This message, referring to the day of victory, was ‘May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations.’”

Through the growth of the internet, Star Wars fans around the world began to connect with each other and before you knew it ‘May the Fourth’ soon became an annual grassroots tradition, with fans across the globe proclaiming it “Star Wars Day.”

StarWars.com, as well as other official Star Wars social media channels #StarWarsDay spread the word and showcase fan activity every year; offering sales, giveaways, parties and other activities to honour the day.

When you think of Star Wars however, you don’t necessarily think of Beards, but one Star Wars themed event that is scheduled to take place today will focus heavily on the beard. This is a Boise Event entitled “Boise Beardsmen Beard Bazaar Episode III: May the Fourth Be With You” which they say is a “friendly facial hair competition” that will put whiskers on stage for judging, with raffle funds benefiting Boise Bicycle Project. The Boise Beardsmen is a local social club brought together by facial hair.

May the fourth be with you.

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